Exhibition_English_2023 Exotic Women – Contemporary Portraits Exhibition

Exotic Women
Contemporary Portraits Exhibition

On View: September 5, – November 19, 2023

Closed: Monday, (Open: Sep. 18, Oct. 9, Closed: Sep. 19, Oct. 10)

Hours: 10am-5pm (Last Entry is at 4:30pm)

Organized by: Sato Sakura Museum

Supported by: Meguro Tourism Association

Location: 1-7-13 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
We are pleased to announce that Sato Sakura Museum will be hosting an exhibition titled “Contemporary Portraits of Exotic Women.” Works featuring women have been produced in countless numbers across different eras and cultures. In Japan, the genre of “bijin-ga,” or “pictures of beautiful women,” spread widely following the emergence of ukiyo-e during the Edo period. Thereafter, “bijin-ga” expanded beyond the bounds of ukiyo-e, encompassing numerous works depicting women’s beauty. Women’s attire and beauty have evolved over time, and various images of beauty, shaped by their respective cultures, have been portrayed. In this exhibition, we are proud to present a selection of contemporary “bijin-ga” paintings from our collection, portraying delicate and glamorous women. You will be able to enjoy various forms of beauty from Japan, the East, and the West, often depicted alongside flowers. We invite you to admire the exotic allure of feminine beauty as depicted by contemporary Japanese artists.
Nobuyoshi Aoyama, Yukio Umehara, Kimiko Ogiwara, Katsumi Kitada, Yasuhiro Shiba, Kaori Someya, Hiroyuki Naka, Osamu Nakagawa, Chinami Nakajima, Shinji Nakabori, Yuhi Nishioka, Shun’ei Nishida, Madoka Fujiwara, Toshihiko Maemoto, Koji Matsumura, Toshio Muroi, Haruto Yoshii


Haruto Yoshii 'Land' 2010
Osamu Nakagawa 'A Beautiful Day' 1995
Toshihiko Maemoto 'Peonies' 1993
Kaori Someya 'Yoruhiru Sakura-zu' 2020

Exhibition:100 Views of Sakura vol.33

Shin Sato 'Dojo-ji Temple, Kiyohime' 2021

Artwork List

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■Admission (tax included)
・General: 500 Yen
・Seniors 70+: 400 Yen
・Students (University | High school): 300 Yen
・Students (Junior High School): 100 Yen
・Students (Elementary): Free ※Please be accompanied by a parent or guardian

※Admission is half-price for visitors with a disability certificate

Sato Sakura Museum
1-7-13 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo